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FILCAB – Media-Carrier FILCAB – Media-FIL Air Cleaners Performance™ Series

The Carrier Model FILCAB filter cabinet is designed for installation in the return-air duct of any forced air heating/cooling system. It is designed for use in systems with airflow up to 200 CFM. The Carrier Model FILCAB is available in three sizes: 0016, 0020, and 0024. The cabinet is shipped disassembled.

Regular filter changes are important. Carrier high efficiency filters feature a design that allows for easy removal and even easier replacement.

  • Dirty filters restrict airflow through your heating and air conditioning system, causing the system to work harder and be less efficient in maintaining your indoor temperature settings.
  • Clean filters help your system operate at its peak performance and efficiency levels, helping you keep your utility costs down.
  • It is recommended that your Carrier high efficiency filter be changed at least once a year for standard operation and twice a year for continuous fan operation.

Standard Features:

  • Pre-Painted Steel Cabinet Door
  • Accepts Pleated Media Filter
  • System Friendly Pressure Drop
  • High Cleaning Efficiency
  • Silent Operation
  • No Electricity Consumption
  • Protects Heating and Cooling Equipment


Carrier GAPAA – Infinity™ Air Purifier

The Carrier Infinity™ Air Purifier provides homeowners with exceptional air filtration and germicidal efficiency.

Standard Features:

  • Ultra High Filtration Efficiency Equivalent to MERV 15
  • Captures and Kills Airborne Viruses, Bacteria, and Mould Spores
  • Easy to Replace Media Cartridge
  • Cabinet Supports up to 400 Pounds.
  • Simplified Dealer Installation
  • State-of-the-Art, Exclusive Technology


Carrier UVL – Performance™ Series Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp

Standard Features:

  • Inhibits Fungus and Microbial Growth on Indoor Coil/Drain Pan
  • Available in 1 and 2 Lamp Models (115v and 208/230v)
  • Promotes a Cleaner Indoor Coil
  • Trouble-Free, Simple Installation
  • Nearly Maintenance-Free Operation


General 1042 Humidifier

This rugged, commercial grade humidifier is ideal for most Canadian homes. It installs on the cold air plenum with a by-pass. Constructed of durable, non-corrosive, high temperature materials for a long service life, this humidifier includes a built-in damper for summer/winter operation. Thumbscrews allow access to distribution through drain pan and evaporator pad for easy cleaning and service, and evaporates up to 19.2 GPD. All parts for a normal installation are included.

These humidifiers rely on warm air from a furnace passing through a moisture laden evaporator panel. A humidistat and solenoid valve control the flow of water to the patented distribution through where it disperses evenly across the pad. The warm air absorbs the moisture from the panel or pad and is returned to the air stream for distribution throughout the home. Unevaporated water drains from the unit, taking troublesome minerals with it. There is no standing water in these humidifiers and maintenance usually consists of annual evaporator pad replacement (frequency of replacement varies with water condition).

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