This rugged, commercial grade humidifier is ideal for most Canadian homes. It installs on the cold air plenum with a by-pass. Constructed of durable, non-corrosive, high temperature materials for a long service life, this humidifier includes a built-in damper for summer/winter operation. Thumbscrews allow access to distribution through drain pan and evaporator pad for easy cleaning and service, and evaporates up to 19.2 GPD. All parts for a normal installation are included.

These humidifiers rely on warm air from a furnace passing through a moisture laden evaporator panel. A humidistat and solenoid valve control the flow of water to the patented distribution through where it disperses evenly across the pad. The warm air absorbs the moisture from the panel or pad and is returned to the air stream for distribution throughout the home. Unevaporated water drains from the unit, taking troublesome minerals with it. There is no standing water in these humidifiers and maintenance usually consists of annual evaporator pad replacement (frequency of replacement varies with water condition).